Colombia, Finca El Paraïso, Gigante, Huila, WASHED ESPRESSO

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Origin: Colombia, Finca El Paraïso, Gigante, Huila.
Processing: Washed.
Variety: Castillo.
Taste: Grape, Almond, Apple.


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A beautiful coffee from Ernedis Rodriguez his farm east from Gigante.

By using an Eco-Pulper he limits the required amount of water.

Through intensive collaboration with an agronomist he knows exactly what the plant needs in terms of nutrients. He documents everything and keeps track on the plants health. This way he can also prevent Roya (leaf rust) from happening. It is a lot of work but worth it. You can taste for yourself.

Espresso: 20.3grams ground coffee, 42.5ml liquid out in 22 seconds.

Grape, Almond, Apple.

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