Costa Rica, Central Valley, Hacienda Sonora, NATURAL ESPRESSO

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Origin: Costa Rica, Central Valley, Hacienda Sonora.
Processing: Natural.
Variety: Caturra.
Flavour: Pure chocolate, Pruns, Cacao Nibs.


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Located in the Central Valley, south of the Poás volcano we have Hacienda Sonora. It’s rich volcanic soils and beautiful diverse ecosystem make for a true coffee paradise.
This Caturra is grown on an average altitude of 1200m resulting in a full bodied cup with some sweetness in the background reminiscent of Prunes. This is not the most complex coffee we had, but it’s creamy, full body with a sweet note makes this coffee very enjoyable for not only espresso, but also milky drinks.
As a filter it’s nice and light with notes of cinnamon gaining sweetness in the cooldown.

Espresso: 20.5 grams ground coffee, 50ml liquid out in 28 seconds.

Pure chocolate, Pruns, Cacao Nibs.

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