Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia, Mozonte espresso

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Origin: Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia, Mozonte.
Processing: Natural.
Variety: Pacamara.
Taste: Green Apple, Caramel, Smooth.


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Finca Un Regalo De Dios is located in Mozonte, a township of Nueva Segovia.
Here in the North of Nicaragua sitting at an altitude of 1350 to 1700 meters a nice micro climate is created. The clouded forest, rich biodiverse environment and relatively low temperatures (10 – 16 degrees Celsius) result in optimal growing conditions.

Espresso: 20 grams of coffee, 44 gram output in 27 seconds.

A really smooth caramel flavoured espresso with a sharp liveliness of green apple.

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Espresso, Filter (Aeropress / V60 / Chemex / Filterkoffie apparaat), French press / Cafetiëre, Hele boon, Moka potje / Percolator