Colombia, Antioquia, Giraldo La Sierrita, WASHED ESPRESSO

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Origin: Colombia, Antioquia, Giraldo La Sierrita.
Processing: Washed.
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia.
Flavour: Spicy, Lime, Black Current, Black Tea.


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The second largest producing area in Colombia. At La Sierrita they train their people locally. How to get rid of acids in water, about longer fermentation and much more. With this knowledge they can eventually create coffees on a higher level with more interesting profiles.

This coffee is grown on Vulcanic soil and is very dense due to high elevation and natural shading which makes the bean grow more slowly.

Espresso: 20.4 grams ground coffee, 45ml liquid out in 24 seconds.

Spicy, Lime, Black Current, Black Tea.

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